Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Skirt Followup

So, the guy who wears the skirt popped up today.  Here's the conversation:

wms2466: Hey ginger
wms2466: wms2466 buzzes you!
wms2466: Hello dear
wms2466: I sent you an email
gingerphillips: hello dear
gingerphillips: when?
wms2466: This morning
gingerphillips: ok.  lemme check it.
wms2466: OKay

Here's the email he sent me:

Well  thank you for the message you sent to me, dear i will like to start by saying this is a little more about me as i would like to let you know all my life has been filled with pains if you will ask me i will say i live a tragic life... i have no siblings am the first and only child of my parents and i started living alone since i was 29yrs when i lost my father in a car crash on his way back from a night party as my mom was divorced when i was 16yrs old and went to marry another man so ever since life is what it is for me, I take each day like i see it.
I am not a very good fan of this online dating stuff because i do not believe in it, though I am just new to it..that means i would prefer meeting in person and having a conversant conversation, it was a friend who talked to me about it and i also had my son asking me to give it a trial....and i did it because i need to find that other half of me and i wanted to be happy and my son wants me to be happy when i found someone so i decided to give a trial if I can have any luck on there. this is why i contacted you.. i love my son and he is all i have for now until i find the right woman for me... Jay is only 7 and i raised him all by myself. 
I think i can relocate for the right woman....... ( FACT ) 
  I have never been married but i have been in 2relationships, I have my Son from the first relationship, the last one doesn't work out...Because all she was selfish  and was only thinking about want was want and sex... she wouldn't even treat my Son like her own child, and i was still nice and caring to her most women are not just ready in having a relationship, all they are after is just sex, but i want something more because i am looking for someone honest to settle down...( life partner )I am looking for something real so that's why I contacted you.
 i'm a bit of an adrenalin junky at times and like to challenge myself, hence i've done skydive, wingwalk, firewalks. I also love chilling out, meditation and connecting with nature! I love experiencing new things in life and will have a go..I am 6,2 tall average body type,hazel eyes and brown hair...
 I'm a Civil  Contractor working as a petroleum refining consultant for a large multinational corporation. I travel to Europe,Australia-New Zealand,  And Asia on work-related assignments. I love my job for the good money and all less stress at my level i have been doing this for about 13yrs,  
but know i look cool and handsome too..Two years from now is just an assumption to me its enough time to settle down and have a wife if God grant us life, and i just wanna know if you think anything close to that. and also i would not am not looking for more kids. but if you want then so be it..? are you very religious ? do you believe in Marriage ? tell me more about your job.. and your every day life.  
I like to make my own things more beautiful but i don't want to be the center of attraction..i will really love to hear more from you and hopeful get to know your motives and intension towards me cause i really would want to work towards getting to meet you in person and hopeful see what happens next...Maybe we can go out if you like going out for dance or a drink i mean just anything you like to do for fun. I am open to new things too.

 Have a lovely day and take good care of yourself and say Hi to everyone of your friends over there and tell them one last handsome guy is knocking at the door of your heart hoping to come into your life anytime if you open lol..maybe/maybe not it depends on your faith and the truth of your heart towards me......
but i really see this coming because i have been praying to God to provide for me a suitable partner because i do not want to remain single all my life, maybe here you are. who knows.
I hope this finds you well

So, I go back to IM:

gingerphillips: are you steve williams?
wms2466: yes
gingerphillips: whre are you located?
wms2466: I am in cordell in OK
gingerphillips: where do you live?
wms2466: I just told you are you not reading my message
gingerphillips: I can't tell if you live in OK or if you are just there working?
wms2466: I am in Cordell at the moment but i am originally from pittsburgh in PA
gingerphillips: I have to be honest with you, the whole skirt thing was a deal breaker for me.  I really don't see a future for us.  I'm sorry.
wms2466: And how are you so sure
gingerphillips: it's a no dude.
wms2466: So you wanna go right
wms2466: "wms2466 (wms2466)" signed off at Tue Aug 30 09:41:21 2011.
End of wms2466 buffer: Tue Aug 30 10:27:45 2011

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