Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Winners!

Today, I just thought I would share a few of the emails that I have received this week. 

The first email is from someone who calls himself "Eagles22Fan".  For the life of me, I can't figure out why guys refer to their favorite football team for their logon id?  I suppose that they think women will find that attractive?

"Hi Ginny, I am a 46 year old married white male from Philly, 6ft, dirty blonde/blue. Not sure if you're willing to meet a married man so if not I am sorry for bothering you. Otherwise hope to hear back from you. Scott"

Oh yeah!!  I wanna get involved in that!! 
Then there is someone named "Demetri29":
"Nice boobs babe :)"

Are there any women out there who would respond to that.  Seriously?  
Then, there's the one that is so X-Rated that I can't put it on here.  
Then, there's the guy who calls himself "oneofthegoodmen" and his email simply said "good morning".
So, I went to check out his profile.  This is his "About Me" section:
"looking for someone whos knows how to please a man and like to be pleased in every way. Great at oral and have a great tongue Could turn into more if there is a spark. Very thick and well endowed. Can email pics. Lets play"

Sigh.  I can't imagine that a woman would really write this guy back.  That's so "not" charming.
Oh, I did have a guy who claims to be a cancer surgeon write me.  We ended up texting and he called less than an hour later.  This guy was so completely narcissist and when I didn't swoon all over the fact that he says he goes big game hunting in Africa, he practically hung up on me. 

What's the deal?  In the words of Dennis Miller, "I don't want to get off on a rant here, but........."  Gol-leeee!!  There were a couple of really nice emails.  I will pursue them later.  But, I felt the need to share the one's that make me say, "Oh no he didn't.....!!!"

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