Friday, August 5, 2011

The 4th date this week that didn't happen....

So I was supposed to meet this guy for dinner/drinks last night.  He's been IM'ing me all week chit-chatting off and on.  At 9:30 yesterday morning he sends me an IM saying hello.  We speak briefly as I am working and so is he.  Then, at 1:30 I receive an IM saying that he can't make it tonight because he has had a work emergency and is now in DC through the weekend.

Now, I have Trillian software installed for all my email/IM accounts.  I can see when someone is online/offline and when they go mobile and even when they are idle.  Sparky had been online all morning.

So, I called him out on it.  I told him that he could not possibly be in DC.  He tried to say that he was.  I explained to Sparky that I have seen him online all morning.  So, he finally said, "Ok.  You found me out."  I asked him why he felt the need to be dishonest and just for my own personal feedback purposes why he didn't want to meet me?  Never heard back from him.  Deleted him from my contacts.  NEXT!!

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