Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The frantic gum chewer.....

I have been IM'ing with a person that we will call Mike.  Mike was very sketchy about his profession initially.  But, he seemed like a really sincere guy so I agreed to meet him at the martini bar. 

One thing that I have learned with online dating is that men lie about 2 things:  their age and their height.  Every single guy who claims to be 5'9" is not being honest.  I am just going to accept this as the rule as I have experienced it too many times.  I also read it in a book about online dating written by a woman and she said to beware any man stating he's 5'9" is going to be shorter than that.  I have to attest, it is true and find comfort in that it isn't just my experience.  But, I digress...... 

Mike gets there and I was already there.  It was a really nice night weather wise, so I sat outside.  I was sipping an appletini when he arrived.  We got the career thing sorted out.  He was in the air force and was either a military policeman or an EMT nurse.  I couldn't figure out which one.  He served 5 tours in Desert Storm.  Now, he is an underwriter for warranty policies. And, he travels a lot.  He went on and on and on about how great his job is and that he travels a lot.  And, that he likes to have fun.  Well, who doesn't like to have fun?  Honestly, this was a completely boring man in spite of possibly having an interesting background in the military.

He had arrived with blue chewing gum in his mouth and ordered a chocolate martini.  He was giving this gum hell.  He was chewing on it really fast and I thought, oh he's just nervous.  I noticed that he kept the gum in his mouth while drinking his martini.  Then he ordered another one.  Then, he decided he wanted a chicken enchilada.  Now, this is a Tapas bar (serve appetizer portions to share), but they do have entrees.  He declined a Tapas to share and ordered a full entree for himself only.  I did not order anything but another appletini.  After his 3rd chocolate martini, his chicken enchilada arrived.  He took his blue chewing gum out of his mouth that he had been frantically chewing on, and stuck it on an empty plate (they give you small plates for your tapas that just sit on each table).  Gross.  I was grateful that he FINALLY stopped chewing this gum and kinda wondered why he didn't put it in his napkin.  I continued to chat while he ate.  After he finished, the waitress took his plate, and I kid you not, he put that gum BACK IN HIS MOUTH!!  I can not describe what a turn off that was.  Leaving me to ask, "OH NO HE DIDN'T".  Gross.

At the end of the day, he was a short little guy with red hair.  I was just not attracted to him.  There was no chemistry there.  He hugged me goodbye in front of the restaurant as we were not parked close to each other.  It was a strange hug too.  It was one of those where he stuck his bottom out and hugged me like his Grandma or something.

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