Friday, September 2, 2011

Speed Dating

What fun!  Last night I tried "speed dating" for the first time.  I went to a pub in Drexell Hill that had the bottom floor reserved for us.  It was a small crowd because it was the Thursday before Labor Day weekend and people are busy.  But, what an interesting time.  The girls are seated at a table and the guys rotate around for an 8 minute "interview".  If there is chemistry and you would like to talk to them further, you put their name on a card at the end of the event.  If they did the same then the matchmaker email's each of you information on how to contact the other person.  I should mention that this speed date was for the age range of 40-55.

I had one guy who was very interesting that I have to tell about.  His name is Randy. He has brunette hair that is greying at the sides.  He is about 100 pounds overweight and is very open about his low-carb diet.  We did the 8 minute interview and I asked him his age.  He made me guess and when I said around 52, he got REALLY offended.  He says that most people think he is 35!!  NOT!!  I asked him what he does?  He's an actor.  full-time.  Then he tells me that he performs on webisodes.  That's his living.  He told me that he had a part in "Sex in the City" and wanted to know if I watched that show?  I said, no I was overseas during all that and that show didn't fly over there.  He got really offended by that!!  What a narcissist!!  He started telling me that he usually plays younger roles because he has such a baby face.  This guy looks just like Chaz Bono, I'm not kidding.  No chin.  And, definitely not a baby face.  I was like dude, c'mon....really?  lol

There was this one guy that I seemed to hit it off with named Chris.  He is a little geographically undesirable.  He lives in Deptford, NJ.  That would mean crossing the Ben Franklin bridge for me if I ever ventured over to his neighborhood.  You know how I feel about bridges and heights.  I'd have to have a Xanax just to get over it.  After the event I went upstairs to the pub.  He followed me up there and asked for my phone number.  I gave it to him and really enjoyed talking to him.  He's in hardware.  I would say there's chemistry there.  I would have never found him online because he is out of my age range that I have listed in my searches.  He says that he's 52, and I have to say that he was really good looking.  However, he didn't put my name down as a match because the email that the matchmaker sent didn't list him.  But, I did get a text from him this morning.  So, I don't know.  Maybe he'll text again or call?  We'll see, if not that's ok.  I did enjoy talking to him and it did show me that I can feel attracted to someone again.  Haven't felt that since June.

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