Sunday, April 29, 2012


So, I had lunch today with a really nice man named Mark.  He's with IJL.  I met him in Quakertown which I have never been to.  It was an old pub that reminded me a lot of England.  When I got there, he had already been seated and they showed me to his table.  He got up and pulled my chair out, which I was very impressed with.  He was a really nice guy and I could tell he was very nervous.  He had a little tick in his left eye until he calmed down.  He sells tyvek for a living.  I just happen to need some tyvek at the moment for the sunroom on the house that I just bought.  It needs siding since the guy put indoor plywood outside and painted it white.  But, I digress. 

He lives in Bethlehem (no clue where that is).  I know I had to drive an hour and 15 minutes to get to Quakertown.  He is some Protestant religion that I never heard of.  The pilgrims started this religion.  I thought the Pilgrims were all Quakers.  Go figure.  They take communion with a loaf of bread and grape juice in the little wee plastic cups.  The minister actually comes to them, they don't go up to the altar.  He thought it was funny when I got a text from Jesus (my iPhone app).  He grew up in Bethlehem and has never left the area. 

He has 2 daughters who are 21 and 23.  When he found out that I have 3 children that are much younger, I could see that he wasn't jazzed about that.  He made a little face. 

All in all, he was very nice to talk to and he paid for our salads.  I actually couldn't eat mine.  It was HUGE.  He ate all of his which amazed me.  I was his first date through IJL.  He walked me to the parking lot and gave me a loose hug with the British kiss in the air next to your check.  Here's my feedback to the director:

  1. How long your date was? about an hour and a half

  1. What did you like about him/her? He was very nice looking and very polite.  He pulled my chair out for me.  He was very punctual as well.

  1. What are three positive things about your match?  1)  Very nice looking.  2) Very polite.  3) Nice hair.

  1. What interests did you have in common? We actually didn't have a lot in common.

  1. What was your first impression?  Very positive.  He got up when I arrived and pulled my chair out.
  1. How did the date end?  He asked me to go watch a movie after lunch.  But, I didn't have time since it was 2:30 and I needed to get back to Downingtown which is an hour and 15 minutes drive.

  1. Did you exchange numbers?  We did.

  1. Do you plan on seeing him/her again? If “no” please list reasons why?  I would like to see him again, but I can't really see anything coming of it because he lives a good distance away.  He was very sweet and I could tell he was very nervous.  After he asked me to the movies and I said that unfortunately I didn't have time today, he looked down.  So, I said, but we can do something another time!  And, that's when we exchanged numbers.
      9.  Focus on next time?  Someone closer.  We are a good distance away from each other.

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