Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Matchmaker Again

Well she called me back while I was in Memphis saying that she'd like to meet me.  I explained that I was out of town with my Mother's passing but would be happy to talk to her when I get back.  So, one day last week I drove out to the middle of nowhere and we talked.  I was expecting a little old lady that looks kinda of like Dame Edna.  Instead, she was around my age and very thin.  I will remind you that she was the one that told me she could not work with me because no one was in her database that was tall enough or would drive out to Downingtown or wanted to see someone with children.  All that changed apparently.  So, we talked for about an hour and a half.  The next day she calls me with information for "Mike".  I have completely forgotten what all she said about him by now.  But, anyway he called me and we talked for about 45 mins.  It was all good and I told him that I was available to meet on Monday 4/9.  He said "Great, I'll call you Sunday night." 

Sunday night came and went.  No call.  So Monday I called matchmaker and said I didn't think it was going to work out since he didn't call me.  She must've called him and told him to call.  So, he calls Monday night (the night we are supposed to be meeting).

Ok.  I am not impressed.  He said that "He forgot" and then he told me that he has relatives in West Memphis and that they are Italian but doesn't know their name.  Ummmmm.  So, he asks about my availability this week and I said, "I told you I was available tonight."  Blah blah blah.  So, I said my next available night is Thursday.  He is on a bowling league and bowls on Thursday evenings.  Ok.  So, he doesn't really follow up.  He doesn't ask me anything else.  So, we got off the phone.

He calls matchmaker this morning (Tuesday) whining about how I'm not really interested and I've got this going on and that going on and I'm just not available.  So, she calls me all upset because his feelings are hurt and I didn't jump through hoops because he finally called.  I said, "Look, I told him I was available Monday night and he's the one that didn't call.  He dropped the ball not me."  Apparently, men pay more for her services than the women.  So, we've got to keep him happy.  So, I'm supposed to call him and tell him of my availability this weekend even though he never asked.  So, I did.  I left him a voice mail and said that I am available Saturday for lunch.  I have a church function Saturday evening but if he would like to meet for lunch that would be great just give me a call back or text. 

We'll see.  I'm still not impressed.  I told matchmaker that I just didn't think he is reliable since "he forgot" and he's really not all that interested or else he would have "remembered".  I don't like it when I feel like I am forgotten about.  And, I told her, I am not comfortable calling him but I will this one time since she insisted.  I expect the man to call me.  Period.  I do NOT chase men.

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