Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crybaby Mike

So, you may remember Mike from 2 posts ago.  Refresher:  he's the one that didn't call on Easter and called the matchmaker to whine about how I'm not interested.  Fast forward:  Well, crybaby Mike called me a few times over the week and we had interesting discussions and agreed to meet on Saturday.  He SAID he had to work on Saturday until 1pm.  And, I had a church function at 5:45.  So, he suggested 2:30 at Maggiano's in King of Prussia.  Ok. 

So, Saturday, I went to Ulta and bought some new makeup.  Then, I went to the beauty shop and had my hair done.  I came home and got all dolled up for the 2:30 meeting.  Even put on my eyelashes.  lol. 

So, I get to Maggiano's at 2:30.  No crybaby.  So, after 5 minutes or so, I went to the maitre d' and explained that my name is Ginger and I am meeting someone named Mike who isn't here yet.  Please go ahead and seat me and when Mike comes in, please show him to my table.  Now, I ask you dear readers, is there anything wrong with this? 

I go to my table and order a glass of wine.  2:45 no crybaby Mike.  At, 3pm still no Mike.  So, I paid for my wine and left.  Now, dear readers, in the real world (without matchmaker), I would have left at 2:45.  But, since this was the matchmaker I decided to wait.  I say this because my time is valuable to me.  If someone is going to be late then I expect some sort of communication after 10-15 mins.  So, I immediately called her and left her a voice mail explaining that Mike was a no-show.  She checks her voice mail regularly.

At 4:20pm crybaby Mike calls me.  I took his call and you could have knocked me over with a feather.  This guy started screaming and yelling at me.  "Where were you?  Jill is going to kick me out of the club now because of you!  Jill told me I am unreliable!! blah blah blah."  I sat there and I listened to him.  He explained that he left his phone at home.  He was half way down the turnpike before he realized it and wasn't going to go back.  I said nothing.  Just listened.  And, then he hung himself.  He said that he was late because he was watching the Yankee's game.  hmmmm.  My jaw dropped at the nerve of this guy.  Oh, and he said that he was there at 2:45 sitting in the bar.  I asked him why he didn't go to the maitre d' and ask for me?  He said that he would NEVER go to the maitre d', NEVER and that he had never had a women get a table on him before.  So, when he stopped, I said, "I really don't know what to tell you.  Maybe next time you have a date you should bring your phone in case you're running late or something?"  He proceeded to scream some more and said, "LOOK!  I'M SORRY AND I CAN PUT MY HEAD ON THE PILLOW AT NIGHT KNOWING I'VE DONE THE RIGHT THING.  GOOD LUCK TO YOU!"  I said, thank you and hung up.  Of course, all this leaves me asking , "Oh no!  He didn't!!"  Called Jill, the matchmaker and left another voice mail saying what had happened. 

She ended up calling me.  She went through the whole story about his phone.  She told me that I should wait 45 minutes for my dates.  This is just not going to happen without some sort of text/phone call.  I understand that people get caught in traffic or are running late, but they need to text/call.  This is just common courtesy.  She told me that she was very angry with him and called him and demanded that he apologize to me.  So, I proceeded to tell her that he did not apologize.  He said the words "I'm sorry" but they were hardly sincere.  She agreed that he should have taken responsibility for his actions.  She also confronted him and said, "Mike, I don't know if you are seeing someone outside of my service, but you can't treat my clients this way.  This makes me look bad and Ginger is a new client."  She said that she will call me on Monday with a new match.

We are going to have to talk about physical appearance.  Crybaby was apparently 6 feet tall and told me he weighs 180 pounds.  Now, that's just scrawny in my book.  That's just a big old bag of bones.  No meat.  Brrrrr.

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