Thursday, August 2, 2012


I had a nice date with a nice man!!!  Not one time did I say to myself, "OH NO HE DIDN'T", actually, I found myself saying, "OH NO I DIDN'T!!!"

I found him online and we didn't write each other but a couple of times.  He asked me out for Thursday and I said yes on Wednesday.  He looks nothing like his picture, but that is a good thing.  He is 6'1" and has blue eyes.  He just came back from a Caribbean cruise to St Thomas and he is nicely tanned. 

We have A LOT in common.  He is very well traveled and has gone to a lot of places I haven't.  The place which had the most impact on him was Calcutta.  His stories of his experiences there were very interesting.  He has been to India 3 different times (Mumbai and New Delhi, as well).  He has also traveled extensively in Europe and been to places I haven't, which I didn't think was possible (Dusseldorf and Luxembourg). 

So we met at a dive bar across from a parking lot.  Once we met, he suggested an Italian place a few blocks down.  This was a very nice place.  I haven't had a meal that nice in a long time.  I had the lobster ravioli in the most delicious red pepper creme sauce that had chunks of crab.  He had the spaghetti bolognaise.  I think he was better mannered than me.  I have no idea why I did this, but when the meal came I took a piece of bread and dipped it straight into the olive oil mixture instead of using the little spoon and putting it in my own saucer.  It was a minor thing but I was mortified at myself and did a mental, "Oh no I didn't!"  I think I lost myself there because of the conversation.  He was very aware of not putting his elbows on the table, etc.  And, I caught myself with my elbows on the table.  lol

He grew up in Michigan and lived a long time in Chicago, Northern NJ, Richmond VA and now here.    He currently works for a large well known company in WC and has 50 direct reports.  He says that he wishes he could go down a couple of levels with less responsibility.  I shared with him that I am not as high up in my current position as I used to be and it's great!  Waaay less stress.  He says that he has worked a lot and that probably contributed to his problems (I assume he's talking about his marriage).  He has his Bachelor's in Statistics and his Master's in Business or Finance (can't remember).  His Dad is a lawyer and he wanted his sons to be attorneys.  His Mom was diagnosed with cancer in November last year, hence the family cruise.  She is in remission and doing well.  I told him about my Mom.  Cancer is a bitch.  

We just had a lot in common.  We are both a little nerdy and intelligent.  Yet, we are both NORMAL.  He has a 6 year old daughter and an 8 year old son.  He gets them every other weekend and this coming weekend is his. 

He paid for our dinner even though I offered to pay for mine.  He was very much the gentleman about it.  He asked if we could take a walk (the borough is very busy with pedestrians as it is a college town).  So, in 89 degree weather with a million percent humidity, we took a leisurely stroll through the High Street.  He kept walking really close to me and wanted to take our doggie bags to the car.  I didn't put it together until he grabbed my hand later.  He held my hand.  I haven't had anyone hold my hand in such a long time.  He must've been a little nervous because in spite of the heat and humidity, his hand was a little cold.  He told me that he really likes my accent.  My guess is that he finds it soothing and gentle, and different.

After walking for a while we turned around and walked back to the parking garage.  He asked me out for next week and said he would text or call.  He walked me to the stairs and kissed me bye.  Just a little polite kiss on the lips (closed).  I also haven't been kissed in a long time and it really threw me.  I was not expecting that.  I was walking up the stairs to my car and he told me that he really likes my name.  I'm pretty sure my face was bright red and I was dazed. 

But, my big "OH NO I DIDN'T" moment came next.  I am in the line to pay for my parking and there are probably 5 cars behind me.  I had no idea that this garage only takes cash and no bills over $10.  It was $4.50 for my parking and I had $3.50 cash.  The parking attendant was going to make everybody back up and make me park and walk to an ATM.  So, someone behind me gave the guy $5 to cover my parking so everyone didn't have to back up.  I pray that it was not him.  I handed the parking guy my $3.50 and told him to give it to that person and thank them.  Of course, me and the parking attendant had a few choice words in the meantime.

This nice man's name is Mike.  8-)
I don't know if he'll actually follow up for a date next week?  If he doesn't then I had a really nice date that I haven't had in a looooong time.  It was perfect.  Everything a date should be.  And, it was so nice to sit with a male and not have him discuss Philadelphia sports with me.  Gawd, that is SOOO boring.  I like the way he was a gentleman, yet he was assertive.  And, if he does get a hold of me like he says he is going to, then I think I will go out with him again.  

PS.  You may remember that the last person I (almost) went out with who had this name was "crybaby Mike".  lol   Sooooooo glad that didn't work out.

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