Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nice man Mike

He's married.
His wife threw him out.
Says he's been separated for 18 months.
He hasn't told his parents that he is separated.
They were in counseling together up until 5 months ago.  She dropped out of the counseling and he continues to see the counselor by himself.  (insert raised eyebrow) 

His story is that he hasn't told his parents he's going through a divorce because his mom was diagnosed with cancer in November and is now in remission.  He also says that she has hired an attorney and he hasn't.  They are going to try and mediate through HER attorney.  Hmmmm.  No man who is wanting a divorce is going to agree to this.  When you are wanting to end your marriage, you damn well tell your parents.  FIRST.  And, you hire an attorney and get the crap over with ASAP.  You just want it done.

Momma always said there are 3 things a couple fight about: sex, money, and the in-laws. 

Long story short....he's done something to piss her off.  They have an 8 year old son and a 6 year old daughter.  He's very successful so I don't think it was over money.  Probably another woman, if I had to guess.  He talked a lot about how she was "angry" at her Dad over her teen years.  I'm thinking she's angry all right.  And, no wonder he thinks I'm gentle.  She's from Rochester, NY and is angry over her marriage failing!!  No offense New Yorkers, but you people sound harsh to begin with, never mind sprinkling anger on top of that.

I had another very nice dinner.  I had nice conversation.  I enjoyed his company.  And, that will be the end of that.  For all I know, he's still living with his wife and kids.  He sure wanted to leave around 8pm. Whatever is going on with this man, he hasn't got his walking papers.  He's clearly not ready to end his marriage.  I have no idea why he is trying to date.  Well, yes I do.

WHERE are the honest men?  And, don't say church because they ain't there either. 

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