Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So, the whole thing with the Mark guy wanting to meet at Lowe's in Pottstown was just bizarre.  There were other little tell-tale signs that something just wasn't right about that guy.  After much discussion with my BFF and google, we figure he's married or otherwise committed.  Of course, there were small little things that added up to this conclusion that I didn't mention but when you put it all together it makes sense.  His behavior was just too weird for there not to be something there.

But, after all this time, I finally had a good date!  The matchmaker fixed me up with someone named Gary Ray.  Gary happens to be the name of my father and Ray happens to be the name of my BFF's ex-husband.  Gary spoke to me a couple of times on the phone briefly.  He seems very assertive because he set up a meeting right away.  The matchmaker described him as an "Alpha Male".  I'm not sure about that description but I will say that he seemed very much the man.  I suppose that I respond well to that.  He is very decisive.

He was very appreciative of all things girly about me.  He commented on my perfume, my jewelry, my eyes, etc.  He is a little bit older, but actually I don't mind that.  He is financially secure and a multi-faceted person.

We do have chemistry and he is a nice man.  He looks just like Henry Wrinkler to me.  He is Jewish but doesn't like to date Jewish women.  He is also well traveled and appreciates the arts.  Before I left the restaurant he had asked me out for Thursday.  This is nice.

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