Sunday, September 18, 2011

A strange Saturday...

I had been texting with a man named Ed all week.  Sometimes for hours at a time.  He decided he wanted to meet on Saturday.  No problem.  We couldn't agree on a place so we left it up in the air.  So, he called me Saturday mid morning while I was out running errands.  He asked me where I'd like to meet and I explained that I was really hungry since I had a light supper and didn't eat breakfast.  I mentioned that Happy Days Diner was great.  It's on the 30Bus (easy to get to for both of us) and that they had a really good buffet.  I then threw out the Station Taproom.  He kept hemming and hawing and threw out Starbucks.  We had been on the phone about an hour at this point and were laughing and having a good time.  So, I didn't feel uncomfortable telling him that statistics show that you never have a 2nd date after "coffee".  He said why?  I explained that I had read a few books about online dating and that women perceive it in a bad way.  He wanted to know more.  So, I said, "I'm not saying this about YOU, but women think that the man is a cheapskate who only wants to have coffee."  Well, he decided that he was offended by that and he didn't want to meet me now.  And, he went on and on and on for over an hour.  He told how he had spent thousands of dollars on dinners and trips.  It was ridiculous.  NEXT!

So, I had also been emailing and texting with a man named Bill.  He wanted to go to dinner and meet me.  Ok.  So, we went to the Station Taproom.  It was very nice and I really enjoyed talking to him.  We shared the same views politically and things were were going well.  So, I went home after dinner and told him he could call me.  We talked about various things and it was all going well.  Then, you can hear the breaks squeal........he believes in aliens.  He thinks there could be life on another solar system.  He thinks that would blow the lid on creationism.  Sigh.  Another nut?  You be the judge.

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