Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Your gut instinct......

Have you ever just had a dark feeling about someone?  Nothing that you can really put your finger on, per se, just something that's not right?

I finally met Jimmy last night.  He had mentioned sometime last week that he wanted to go to Legal Seafood, which is a fairly nice restaurant.  We kept talking and then once we agreed upon Tuesday, I received a text asking if I wanted to meet at "The Tilted Kilt".  A Pub?  So, I texted that I thought we were going to Legal Seafood?

Ok.  I'm not driving 35 minutes away to meet some guy in a pub.  It felt like the old bait-n-switch to me.  But, this guy is intuitive.  He could tell I was not going for that even though I didn't say anything.  Long story short, we met at Legal Seafood.  I have spent hours talking to him over the phone.  I felt that we had great chemistry over the phone and even in person.  He is an attractive guy.  Says he's 5'11" which is just blatantly wrong.  I've really enjoyed talking to him.

BUT, there's just something there.  I can't articulate it now.  I'm all mixed up.  But, suffice it to say, I don't think I will talk to this guy again.  I just don't think it's a good idea.  It's almost like I want to call him a phoney.

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