Sunday, April 7, 2013


I've had a couple of dates since I've been on here.  The only one worth mentioning is ....ah, nevermind. Not truly worth mentioning.

I ended up joining eharmony when my bff decided to get online.  She went OKCupid and I went eharmony.  I paid the money and answered all the questions for their profile matches.  There were a few people I've written back and forth with.  Pretty soon, there is a guy named Ron that showed an interest in me.  We did the "icebreakers" and eventually took it to the phone.  He called me every single night for about a week.  We exchanged pictures.  He wanted to meet so I suggested Sunday night.  So far so good.

Well, after everything I have been through, I have said that I want a "good ole boy".  I put it out in the universe and to my God that I want a Chevy drivin', John Deere baseball cap, gun rack in the truck, red blooded born and bred American man.

Dude showed up in a t-shirt with a moose on it, Blue jeans, tennis shoes and a baseball cap.  It wasn't a sports team either.  If we were down south, I'm pretty sure it would have been a John Deere cap.

He is 6'3".  He opened my doors.  He paid for my meal.  He is very attractive.

Now, I am wondering what's under that cap?  He didn't look bald.  There was hair coming out from under the cap.  It didn't appear to be particularly thin hair.  Hard to tell though.  He has brown eyes and dark hair.  He has a moustache.  He is 43 years old.  He doesn't speak with the obnoxious Philly accent.  He is a practicing Catholic.  We are kinda like the Brady's.  He, being Mike Brady with 3 sons (24, 21 and 18).  And, of course, me being Carol Brady with my 3 lovelies.

He lingered a lot at goodbye.  He asked me to go bowling on Saturday.  I said sure.  I could tell that he wanted to kiss me.  I didn't stand in one spot for long so that didn't happen.  He ended the date by saying, "You are very attractive."  It wasn't in a creepy way.  It was very complimentary and I said, "thank you.  You are too."  I meant it.  He is.

Oh, and he drives a Chevy TrailBlazer.  I drive a Suburban.  lol.  He admired my truck.  8-)

At no time during this date did I say, "Oh NO he didn't".  This one may have promise.  We'll see.

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