Saturday, January 26, 2013


I've had a couple of unremarkable dates over the last few months through It's Just Lunch that I haven't bothered to post about.  They were mostly uninteresting and the same old crap.

I got a call a couple of weeks ago regarding a new date with someone named Gordon.  Lisa goes through her usual spiel that I don't really listen to anymore because 98% of the information is just vague and incorrect.  He likes to go to the movies, work out, work on his house, blah blah blah.  I do listen to how tall they are and what color eyes they have.  She typically give a vague description about their job and then I meet them in person and it's something much less interesting than what she described.  You know like how someone says they are a "domestic engineer" and that usually means they are a stay at home Mom.  Think that, but only in describing a man's role.  You get the drift.  But, I digress.  Gordon is an "executive" but she wouldn't tell me what that means as executive could be anything.  He is also 6"2" with brown hair.

We set something up for Saturday Feb 2 at 6pm.  His idea on the day and time and I agreed.  So, then I get a call a couple of days ago wanting to change the time to 5pm.  Hmmmmm.  I smell a rat.  So I asked her why?  No explanation.  Here's the email I sent her this morning:

Lisa,I have given this a lot of thought.  Part of the reason I joined "it's just lunch" is because of what I was told and what the contract said when I joined.  I was under the premise that I would meet men for lunch.  If lunch was not possible (as in most cases for most members because this area is so large that it's next to impossible to drive somewhere eat and get back to work in a short hour), then I was told that we would be introduced over dinner.  The restaurants were advised per IJL's instructions to give us separate checks as per your policy.  

In our conversation yesterday, you advised me that you set up drink dates and coffee dates now.  I paid a phenomenal amount of money for your service.  If I wanted to have drink dates and coffee dates, I could get that from any on-line dating service for a significantly fractional amount of money and some sites are totally free.  How does that make your service any different from or, etc for the client (me)?  You are going to go out of business with this sort of service, and at least these sites use some sort of algorithm for the matches.

I *loathe* meeting someone in a restaurant bar.  This is part of the reason I signed onto your services.  This does not fit into my lifestyle in any way.  In addition, I simply do not do coffee dates.  I have researched this subject quite extensively (as I suggest you do as well).  Any man who says he wants to meet for coffee is a CHEAP SKATE.  They want to meet you for coffee to size you up.  Men are visual.  They don't get to know you over coffee.  They look you over and then make a decision. According to my research the chances of having even a 2nd date after a coffee introduction are slim to none and of the one's who do, the chances of it ending up in a relationship are even slimmer (less than 2%).

My service with IJL has deteriorated to drink and coffee dates?  I'm astounded.  

Regarding Gordon, he wants to change the time of our drink date to on a Saturday to 5pm "because he has a kid".  I have 3 kids of my own.  This guy offers no reasonable explanation as to why he wants to up the time?  Anyone with half a brain can figure this one out.  You said, "You could be missing the opportunity to meet someone really great!"  Sounds to me like he's the one meeting someone really great.... after I get him warmed up on drinks.  Someone that he'll probably have dinner with.  lol   
Lisa, this is just disrespectful to me.  I hope that you will forward this to your management because if you don't I will.  If they aren't in the business of matchmaking, then they are certainly in the business of making money.  

The contract with IJL says that they will introduce you to 12 people over the course of a year.  If I say that I am not interested in meeting Gordon now, they will count him as one of my 12 and I will have to wait until the next month for a different match.  There's very little chance that my concerns will be addressed.  I give up.  Should I waste my time?

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