Monday, February 13, 2012

More on matchmakers....

My friend told me about a matchmaker in this area that I should call before investing a chunk of money into "It's Just Lunch".  So, I called on Saturday and left her a voice mail.  She's called me back several times and we keep missing each other.  Finally, we caught up with each other just before lunch today.  She's been doing this for 27 years and charges $200.  She works closely with a company called Premier Match and they share databases.  They are an alliance but PM charges a whole lot more.  So, I asked her a few questions and she told me that they have about 500 people in the database and there is a shortage of women my age.  Ok.  So, once she started talking to me and asking about me, she turned me down as a client. 

She told me I am too tall.  Most of the men in her database are 5'10".  She said, "Girls your height always want a man over 6 feet."  Then, she told me that I live too far out.  Most of her clients would not drive out to Downingtown.  Then, she told me that 3 children is too much.  She said that most of her clients request someone with grown children or if they have a dependent child at home, there should only be one.

I really couldn't believe it.  On the one hand I appreciate her honesty.  However, I find it really difficult to swallow all that she said.  I know for a fact that my friend used her and she lives in Downingtown.  She's not as tall as me, granted.  But, still.  It was really bizarre because this woman had left me about 5 voice mails from Saturday till Monday lunch.  VERY long and detailed vm's about how she needed women, etc.  I felt so......hopeless.

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